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Hi,I’m Martin, the founder of Hangzhou Rollmed Co.,Ltd. I’ve been in the medical device industry for 15 years. Now, I am running a medical device factory, providing high-quality and low-cost products to customers all over the world.Welcome to contact me.

– Martin Lai

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Lab Consumables

Pipette Tip / PCR Tube Plate / Centrifuge Tube / Cryovial Tube / VTM Tube / Plastic Droppers / Sharp Container / Microscope Slides……

Medical Consumables

Swab / Saliva Collector / Test Tube / Blood Tube / Syring / Infution Set / Oxyen Tube / Oxyen Mask / Alcohol Pad / Butterfly Needle / Nasal Cannula ……

Covid-19 Product Zone

You can find all the anti-epidemic products here

Test Kit / Face Mask / Face Shield / Isolation Gown / Nitrile gloves / Nasopharyngeal swab / Saliva Collector

Our Best-selling Products

Flocking swab

Pipette Tip


Blood Collector Tube

Swab With Tube

Face Mask

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Professional manufacturing of medical and laboratory consumables and instruments with 10 years of experience.Flexible MOQ,suitable for small OEM and ODM business FOC sample,used to pass CE and FDA certification ISO9001,ISO13485 check various payment terms available to ensure timely delivery.


As the global epidemic continues, medical equipment will become a necessity, but in the face of a wide variety of medical equipment, ordinary people, even experts, may not understand it. On this website, I will share with you my 15 years of experience in the medical device industry and teach you how to choose products? How to determine the popular trend?

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