Classification and advantages of conductive tips

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Tecan tips

conductive tips classification:

The pipette tips can be differentiated between filter tips with conductive filters and those without conductive filters. Usually, filter tips prevent contamination and prevent contaminant cross-migration. Normal liquids can also be used without conductive tips.

The conductive tips produced by BIOFOUNT can match most of the HAMILTON and TECANPE automatic liquid handling equipment on the market. The PP100,000-class clean workshop used in the series of conductive tips (including conductive materials) achieves excellent liquid handling effects and ensures excellent straightness and reduced coefficient of variation through strict enzyme-free treatment quality.

Advantages of conductive tips:

conductive tips

1. Electron beam aseptic: safe and fast, no chemical residue;

2. Good air tightness and strong adaptability: The structure is tested according to the automatic liquid handling workstation, and the mature casting process ensures good air tightness and compatibility of the product and improves the mechanical precision of the product in work.

3. Smooth inner surface: The unique process ensures that the inner surface of the suction head is smooth, greatly reducing the retention area of ​​the liquid surface;

4. Excellent hydrophobicity: The porous structure of the filter inside the conductive tip ensures the best performance. In addition, the conductive tip has superior road water performance. It forms a robust screen for aerosols, eliminating the risk of sample contamination.

Application of conductive tips:

hamilton tips

Conductive tips are mainly used in clinical testing, protein, gene, immune testing, pharmaceutical, life science research, animal and plant inspection, quarantine research, etc.

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