HANGZHOU ROLLMED CO., LTD—Rollmed Goods spread over the world

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The mission of Rollmed: Patients all over the world have the best medical consumables from China! Rollmed’s business scope includes the wholesale and retail of medical equipment, laboratory instruments and meters, chemical reagents (except chemical dangerous goods and Class I easily controlled toxic chemicals) import and export of goods, etc.

Rollmed’s vision: all employees realize their dreams. Our company has gathered a group of employees who have dreams and abilities. Rollmed provides a platform for these kind-hearted young people to develop their talents, giving enough support and opportunities, and together we keep fighting and embracing changes.

We believe that the best service is the only reason to survive. Put the customer at the center and everything else will follow. We also believe that You can make money without doing evil. Honesty and kindness are the cornerstones of a company’s success. Although we encountered some setbacks in the process, we remained optimistic. Through our efforts to make China Rollmed products to serve people all over the world, we are not afraid to go forward.

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