How much do you know about the classification and function of eye pads?

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eye pad

Product classification and composition:

Apply to the orbital area to allow the drug to be absorbed through the eyes to improve and relieve eye diseases.

  1. Hydrogel eye patch: mainly composed of medical polymer hydrogel material, medical glycerin, purified water, medical non-woven fabric, and isolation layer; the hydrogel material is composed of carbomer, sodium polyacrylate, and aluminum glycolate. The isolation layer is polyethylene film. Has good biocompatibility, no sensitization, no irritation, and no toxic side effects. The design of the hydrogel eye patch is reasonable, easy to operate, and increases its adhesion to the eyes, so it is not easy to fall off. Flexible, comfortable, and will not break. It has the effect of diluting crow’s feet, eliminating dark circles, and relieving fatigue.
  2. Intended use of eye patch: cold compress physical therapy for relieving eye fatigue symptoms such as dryness, astringency, swelling, and pain caused by excessive eye use.
medical eye pad

Effects and usage scenarios:

1. Long-term operation of the computer or other reasons such as living habits, resulting in decreased eye resistance, easy to be infected with some ophthalmic diseases, such as pink eye, corneal infiltration, etc.

2. Effectively relieve eye fatigue and fight against vision loss: computer radiation stimulates the eyes and causes abnormal pupillary contraction, resulting in eye fatigue, fatigue, swelling, astringency, and other discomfort symptoms.

3. Moisturize the eyes and relieve dry eyes.

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