How to use the inoculation loop and matters needing attention?

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How to use the inoculation loop
The inoculation loop of the project is a laboratory testing tool commonly used in field experiments, cell results, experiments, and other scientific fields.

  1. Spot planting method: use an inoculation loop to contact the surface of the solid medium.
  2. Scribing method: take the bacteria-containing material with an inoculation loop and scribble on the surface of the solid substrate.
  3. Inclination method: Take the plant mycelium material in the different mediums indicated by yourself, pour the thick 48°C agar medium, and shake well.
  4. Dipping method: Pick up the material with a lip inoculation loop and put it in the flora in the medium.
  5. Voice extraction method: use the loop player to access and enable the half-hour method.

Precautions for inoculation loop vaccination
1 Soak the inoculation loop in 70% ethanol before use.
2 When inoculating, take out the inoculation loop from the ethanol, burn it evenly on the outer flame of the alcohol lamp for a few seconds, and then leave the flame. Let it cool down a bit before inoculating, otherwise, the bacteria will be scalded to death.
3 Between the two inoculations, it is necessary to re-soak in ethanol and sterilize by burning.

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